Save The Church of The Holy Innocents

A compilation of historic background on the seriously endangered former Church of The Holy Innocents in Albany, New York.

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The church is located at Holy Innocents Church, 275 North Pearl Street with its parsonage behind it at 102 Colonie Street

Recently, a demolition application was submitted to the city's Historic Resource Commision seeking to tear down this important 19th-century structure.  This application was made despite the fact that a legitimate offer to purchase, stabilize, restore, and reuse the building has been made by two downtown Albany business owners.  Originally scheduled to be heard on September 21, there has been a temporary reprieve and it will be heard at HRC's meeting on October 5.

TWC News - Local business owners hope to buy historic church as demolition looms

Times - Demo of historic Arbor Hill Church won't be discussed at Wednesday Meeting

Times - Historic Church's fate up for debate

The demolition application and other related materials can be found in this Facebook post from the Historic Albany Foundation (this post predates the postponment): - Historic Albany Foundation

 This is a temporary repreivr and support is needed to save Holy Innocents.  The church, which was built in 1850, is the third oldest surviving church in Albany.  Designed by Frank Wills, the church was a gift from lumber dealer William De Witt in memory of his four children, all of whom died young.  It contains rare and beautiful stained glass windows as well as marble plaques commemorating De Witt and his children.  Nearly thirty pages of details on the church's history, as well as photos, can be found in the PDF at the top of this page.

Owned for the last three decades by its neighbor, Hope House, the church has been shamefully allowed to deteriorate.  Its present condition is the result of neglect.  Now, there is a chance to preserve this historic gem.

Please show support for the sale and preservation of the former Church of the Holy Innocents.  Read the pdf and articles above, as well as the links at the bottom of the page and voice your support by contacting the following to urge the sale of the property and not its destruction.

Erin Glennon, Historic Resource Commission -

Historic Albany Foundation - (518) 465-0876 or

Mayor Kathy Sheehan - (518) 434-5100 or

 Hope House:

Kevin Connelly, Executive Director - (518) 269-3140 or

Dawn Pasquarell, Director of Finance: -

Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop Emeritus, Albany Roman Catholic Diocese, 40 North Main Avenue, Albany, N.Y. 12203

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